Its that time of year…

Family photographs! I went shopping today for coordinating outfits…not matching, just coordinating. I am sure my husband is going to be so annoyed and make me return love the shirts I bought for him today. I came home with 3 choices, for each of us! We are only a family of 3 so thats not too bad right? Jcpenney was having a killer sale and I got pretty much everything for 50% off. I do plan on returning the extra’s, but I just wasn’t sure what items my husband would wear/look good in. I decided our color palette would be purple and teal blue. That is the plan anyway. After I got home I photoshopped a little outfit sample board for my photography clients and I thought I would share here as well. I love seeing ideas. These are from old navy and gap. Very similar to my choices from Jcpenney today. I will be making a few more of these the next couple weeks for my clients and I will share here as well.

Sorry the little guy is kind of getting cut off! Oops!

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