Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Today I am sharing this Fabulous Weekly Cleaning Schedule. You will love this free printable cleaning schedule!

Remember last week I mentioned Daily Quick Clean? Go here for a refresher. The next step in my cleaning system is the Weekly Cleaning Schedule. When you get the idea of the daily quick clean down, it takes a lot of pressure off “cleaning day”. It helps maintain your home so that the time consuming cleaning jobs are minimized. In turn, following the weekly schedule helps the daily jobs stay minimal and they both balance each other out so that you’re not spending all day (hopefully) cleaning  but still being able to enjoy a clean home. In my household, I am able to keep most of my days free of major cleaning, but I do have some of the bigger jobs scheduled out that just have to be done. Now, if you have a major disaster like spilled juice all over the kitchen, you’ll have to modify this, but as a general plan this is a great guideline! I love to wake up knowing what needs to be done and also knowing that it isn’t too overwhelming. That way I can get up and do my “chore” for lack of a better word and my day is still open to craft, spend time with my son, go shopping, etc. This is my schedule. This works for us and I know needs differ in every family. Occasionally, I go through my cleaning schedule and revise to what needs to get done. 

weekly cleaning chart-mine
Go here for a blank pdf copy of the weekly schedule that you can customize it to your needs. If you want to download a pdf of my version above you can download that here. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll introduce the next step!
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    Hi! Love this! Is there a way to download the file without signing up for a 4shared account? It wants me to pay almost $80! I tried selecting the free preview for 30 days to grab this pdf but it still is wanting $80. Perhaps you could email me a copy? :) I just finished my Home Organization Binder and this would be lovely inside!

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    Hi Mel, you didn’t leave an email so I can’t send it to you but if you send me you’re email I will email you a pdf copy. So sorry you’re having download issues. When I click there it sends me right to the download link without logging in or paying for anything. You just have to wait like 20 seconds to get the download link. I am not sure what is going on for you, but I will definitly send it to you!

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    Can you please email me a copy too? I am having the same issues as mentioned above. It wants me to sign up for an account. I would love to have a PDF emailed to me. Can you send it to jasonandtawniatgmaildotcom?

    Thank you!
    Tawni Smith

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    Right now it is a pdf file, which means you can write it in…or you can edit it in photoshop or a program that allows you to edit those. I am currently reworking my cleaning schedules to try and make them customizable(for people who don’t have editing software) to type in what they need but I probably will not have that ready until January. So check back soon and hopefully I will have that problem solved. I’m hoping!

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    I love all your ideas. I am trying to print out my own but can’t seem to find wherre you wrote what your font is that you use. Can you please let me know your font again and also where to find it? Please and thank you. God Bless!

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      Hi Lynnlee, if you’re looking for the font I used to write my weekly tasks, I am not sure which one it is. I created it on my laptop that my husband has but I will look it up when he gets back this weekend. Feel free to email me and remind me if I forget…lol.

      It was just a handwriting font I probably got from dafont.com. That is where I get most all of my fonts for free! You should totally check them out.

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      Thank you so much. I have been trying to download and edit, for my needs, the daily cleaning and weekly cleaning pages and can’t seem to edit the ones that yours says are editable. Could you please email them to me? lsmjf813@yahoo.com. I’m not sure if my computer is too old or what.

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    One thing that people could do on the download page is select the itty bitty “View Document” link below the “Share with friends” button. If you select that, you can then right-click and choose “Save image as”, which will allow you to save the image, and then print it as you’d like. :)

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    Also, files shared via 4Shared can only be shared with registered users, but creating an account is free. After you register, you have to wait about 20 seconds, and then the “Download File Now” link will appear.

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    I tried to download but I could not download it.

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    Hi, So sorry- but if it’s not any trouble, could you also please email the file to me (gidget315@bellsouth.net)… same issues as everyone else.


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