Pallet Sign Tutorial Part 2 {stencil}

 Hey Ya’ll, I am back with a little update on my pallet wood sign tutorial. I have had a lot of questions sent to me and so I thought I would address them all at once. :)
As I mentioned, I made a stencil with cardstock on my 12×12 mat with my silhouette. (I am going to attempt to share a link to my silhouette stencil file I made…but no guarantees it will work!) It was a little tedious figuring out the sizes, not to mention I am NOT a wiz at this silhouette thing. I have really only used it here and there. Anyways, I want to share with you how I went about making my stencil. I know there are probably much better ways to do this…but this is how I went about it. :)
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First off, I opened a new file in my silhouette studio software.

Next, I changed my size on the right hand size to the size of my pallet so I knew what kind of ‘canvas’ I was working with.

After I changed the size, I started typing my words, each line its own separate section so I could pull them and line them up how I wanted them to look. Here is the font sizes as I chose them. Also, I was actually using a font called Bookman Old Style. Here is an ‘attempt’ at sharing my silhouette file. I uploaded it to my file sharing site, but I have never attempted sharing a silhouette file so not sure it will work! Go HERE.

At this point, there is probably a way to cut it from here…but my limited knowledge of the silhouette software led me to do it my own way. So, I opened a new 12×12 blank file and copied each line of text over 1 at a time.

For instance, with the size of my believe, I could only cut it with a couple letters at a time. So I would go ahead and delete the other letters and start with cutting this page which was BE.

Next I would go through and type the LI and do that next or whatever fit. I did this for each of the lines of text making sure to keep the sizes exactly as they were determined to fit my canvas. For the smaller lines I could cut more the stencil on one sheet. If you have the larger cutting mat you could cut more letters at a time.

After I got them all cut, I just cut off the excess cardstock and lined my letters up together and placed them on the pallet and eyeballed it. :)

That’s it. I think sizing it and cutting it was the most tedious part…but it was so worth it!
A few additional details, the dimensions of my sign are 40″ wide, and about 27.5″ high.  Hopefully this will help. :)

Also, just wanted to mention. If you make this I would appreciate if you would link back to my original tutorials and files. Thanks! 


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    Marie, can you give me some tips on actually using the stencils? I am scared to try again after a few failed attempts! I always end up with paint “bleeding” through where I don’t want it! My husband is a Junior High social studies teacher and I would love to make this for his classroom!

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      Hi Julie, I really don’t have anymore special tips…but I will say that I used a sponge brush not a regular paint brush. Also…I really limited the amount of pain on the brush…only a tiny bit and do a dabbing technique. I’ll see if I can put together a video tutorial to help you out, but really I think that it will bleed if you use too much paint so you have to go slow and the dabbing the paint as you go really seems to be key. I hope that helps!

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    Do you think the Silhouette Portrait would be able to make the stencils for this and also the family sign you made? I am looking to purchase one but not sure if I really NEED the $300 one

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      Hi, I put two boards vertically on each side of the board and nailed them down. (On the backside) Then I was able to loop hanging wire around those two back boards to support the mirror. I’m not sure if this is making any sense. I can take a picture of the backside and email it to you if you are interested!

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    Kathleen Kerry says

    I am brand new to all of this! Can you email me so I can ask you some questions? I have breast cancer and I think this would be a good outlet for me. But I have questions! My email is Thanks so much!


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    Melissa says

    I will be using the cricut for stencils. Any idea the size and or font for each line? Best type of paint to use and what color yellow?

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      Hi Melissa, I am not sure about the size exactly I could measure them out, but basically you’ll want to gauge it depending on the pallet size or wood you are using. I believe I used the color canary yellow by Apple Barrel Paints.

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