2013 Calendar {Free Printable}


This post is month late. To be honest, things have just gotten crazy and I kept waiting for things to settle down…but I doubt they ever will! I am finally posting the new 2013 Calendar printables that coordinate with all my other organization {free} printables.


Go here to download the full 2013 calendar pdf printable (as a side note…some people have difficulty downloading depending on which browser they are using. I use firefox and never have problems so if you run into issues try that out!)

You also might want to check out my other free organizational printables:
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As always, personal use only. Please link back!


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    It’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to download it! But do you have to sign up for 4 shared? I’d rather not, but if that’s the only way…

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      I don’t think you have to sign up. When I click on the link (and am not logged into 4 shared as an account holder)…it takes me directly to the download page…you just have to wait like 20 seconds to download it. Different browsers do different things. I use firefox and have never had an issue.

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    Tried downloading them and it would not work which makes me sad because I love them. Tried to add 4shared and all my virus software popped up with a virus warning, so not going to add that.

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    Thank you for the link with the help for downloading. I followed your instructions and it is what I was doing before. Every time I click on download it asks me to sign in or sign up. I would love it if you could email it to me! gremmat@gmail.com Thank you so much!

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    i love your printables…do you have an etsy store where you sell them? i am doing my home binder to help keep me organized because my husband is deploying. would you have a contact sheet i could purchase to match the other sets i printed from you?

    thank you so much for them!


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      I don’t have an etsy store currently. I am always interested in adding more printables to my binder so let me know what your looking for and I can design one. :)

      I do have an address sheet I made. I thought I shared it? If not I can email that to you just email me.

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    I absolutely love your family planner set! Was looking for something just like this! Do you think you can tell me what fonts you used on your weekly cleaning schedule? Thanks again, love it! :)

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    Gorgeous calendar….. BUT…. I am having download problems. I am using Firefox but it’s still asking me to sign up for a share file and when I do, my virus blocker is going nuts! Would you mind emailing it to me? This calendar would look great on my fridge and I really need it as a super busy mom!
    Thanks in advance!

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      Hi, Maria I tried to email you the calendar at the above email address and it got sent back as undeliverable. Email me at bloominghomestead AT gmail DOT com and I will reply back with the calendar so you can get it.

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    I absolutely LOVE this calendar, ive been hunting for a super cute calendar and stumbled upon this amazing site!!! Im a new mom trying to get my act together, I tried to download this and the weekly cleaning schedule several times but it wont let me :( I was wondering if you could possibly email this to me? This is my absolute favorite site now!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!
    My email is paigedurbin1@gmail.com if you can! Thanks!


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