My New Mirror

One of my favorite things to incorporate into my home decor is mirrors.

 I refinished both these mirrors, for a tutorial on the bottom one click here!

 I love mirrors and they do such a great job of reflecting light and making my home look bright and airy. It also give the effect that the room is bigger than it actually is which is always a plus! I got this round glass mirror last week with plans to hang it in my master bedroom. When I brought it in I set it in the kitchen propped up (which still isn’t decorated…lol) and left it until had time to carry it upstairs. Every time I walked in the kitchen, the mirror just totally caught my eye and after mulling it over a week I decided to hang it in the kitchen instead. I really, really love it!

 It reflects the light and just makes the room look brighter and classier. One of my biggest obstacles when I hang things like this mirror or my pallet wood art (tutorial here) is how to hang it properly since it is so heavy.

 I tend to hang a lot of heavy stuff and finding the right way to hang it is essential. Like this huge photograph of mine I had professionally framed to put over our fireplace. I am always concerned about making sure my art is protected and not going to fall off the wall or damage my walls.

I was recently contacted by a company that specializes in art hanging systems, AS Hanging, and had to share. They have great options for hanging different things with several different systems. Definitely a company you should check out. I love the contempo track rail system they offer and am thinking I will use this for a gallery wall upstairs! Not to mention I am helping my husband update his business office and these hanging systems will help me out so much to keep things safely hung and professional.

For my smaller lightweight wall decor I like to use command strips. They make life easy and don’t damage your walls!

 I used them for my gallery wall and a few other things here and there like this sign in my sons room. They work great.

 Happy Hanging everyone!

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