Homemade Valentines

These are just the cutest Homemade Valentines and I am here to share an easy tutorial so you can make them. These make a great Kids Valentine Craft as well.

Yesterday we made some cute homemade valentines. I made something like these years ago with friends and we took them to the local children’s hospital. We called ahead to make sure it was okay and we used stickers in place of candy for those who had dietary restrictions. It was fun and fulfilling!

First I printed out a heart because I cannot freehand. Then I traced it on colored cardstock. I also traced the heart on this lace vinyl pictured below.

This is lace vinyl I found at Joanns. It’s pretty affordable and adds a little something extra to the valentine. In the past I used white cardstock for the back and hot pink vinyl for the front, but they told me they no longer carry the pink vinyl so I went with this.

Cut it out and hole punch so that you can thread ribbon through the holes.

Thread Ribbon through, I used a few different methods for this. I did a few in and out like what is pictured, and a few wrapped over and back through around the edges (see final pic for example).

Before you completely close off you heart, add a few piece of candy(I used hugs and kisses cause that is what I had but something flatter might work easier!) or stickers or whatever inside and then close them up. I tied the loose ends together in a big bow at the top of the heart. Now you can write love notes on the back and you’re good to go. Super easy and affordable. Aren’t they just the most adorable homemade valentines?

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    This is a GREAT tutorial I Love the photos & your Project so, so, so CUTE – Thanks for sharing – I would love to add it to my projects page on my blog if that is okay ?

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    These turned out just beautiful! I’ve never seen the lace vinyl, but I’ll have to keep my eye out for it next time I’m at a craft/fabric store.

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    Judy says

    I’m so bummed! These are adorable and I shopped around town and no one seems to sell the vinyl lace any longer, not even online. Except, Walmart if I want to buy a whole roll of it for $85.00! I really wanted to make these. Do you have any other recommendations to replace the vinyl lace? I considered regular lace, but that won’t work well with punching holes in it.
    I have a feeling whatever I do to try and replicate this it will take more work.
    Thanks, and again this is such a cute idea. Happy early Valentine’s Day to you!

    • 21


      Hi Judy, oh shoot! So I have tried this lace and also just plain purple (clear) vinyl. Maybe you could find that? I have had the best luck at JoAnns. Sorry, I made these several years ago…thats a bummer if they no longer sell the lace vinyl! :(

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