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I love adding in touches of Spring to my home. This year has been a little more tricky with my commitment to stop buying more supplies and decor, and try to re-use what I have. Well, one morning after breakfast I was looking at our empty OJ container and I thought, “I love the shape of this”, next thing I know I was ripping off the labels and priming it!

First off, rip off the sticker and wash it out.

I took my metal cutters (only thing that would cut it) and cut off the top where the lid screws on. I was going to sand this to be a cleaner edge, but I got lazy and figured it wouldn’t be that noticable.

Next off came my primer. I used what I had on hand which was a kilz oil based primer. I coated it a few times. After that I got my blue paint sample I had for a spring sign I coated a few coats on. It still felt like it needed something so into the craft room I went hunting.


Next up I needed vase filler and decided to go Mathew Mead style with blossom branches. I went out the backdoor about 2 steps on the patio and found my branch with several twigs to use!

I broke off a few of the small branches and went inside to find some blossoms.

I had this stem as a leftover to a floral arrangement I made. I thought it would be perfect so off came the blossoms. Just a light tug brought them off their stems.

I just glued them on randomly 1 by 1 with hot glue. Most of them fit onto the new spring buds from the fallen branch so they were quite secure.

Super Easy and I love the final product all put together and Spring-y!

P.S. I have some adorable free Spring Printables coming up!

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    That looks gorgeous! If I had that in my house, I would smile every time I saw it. I might have to work on creating something like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Stanzi says

    I did this and I wasn’t fond of the cut top so instead of sanding, out came my embossing heat gun. I gently melted the plastic until smooth. then I proceeded with the rest of the steps. This was so cool!

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