Paper Shamrock Banner

 I wanted to share my little Paper Shamrock Banner.

Here’s a little ‘how to’ on how I put the shamrocks together. First off, I used supplies from my own stash. Paper, staples, hot glue, and my paper cutter.

Here’s how to assemble: If you can’t read the text, go here to download the paper shamrock tutorial as a pdf.
After I made my desired number of shamrocks (I did 7), I just just used some thread I had laying around to string them on to use as a banner. I was hoping for fishing line or invisible thread, but didn’t have any so this was my backup. I also tied little knots in the thread before and after each shamrock to create spacing. (am I making any sense? I am confusing myself now!) E-mail for clarification if ya need it but they are pretty simple. 


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    This is great! I’m getting ready to work on my St. Patrick’s Day mantle and this looks like a fun project : )


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